Note | From the Founder

Note | From the Founder


Rayn Jewelry mimics and complements my personal style. Clean photography, modern design and content that is easy on the eyes and mesmerizing. I initially curated the brand for one sole reason; I wanted to design jewelry pieces that I felt good wearing. Everywhere I go, I wear Rayn Jewelry.

Design‑wise, I consistently stay authentic to my taste in jewelry. By that I mean, trends come and go, and although they might sell, I refuse to design anything that does not fit my values of what jewelry, and fine jewelry, should be.

With the brand, I wanted to combine my two favourite passions; design and jewelry. And so, I try to create content that is visually pleasing.

I named the brand, Rayn Jewelry, after my little sister, Rayna, a light in my life.


Career‑wise, Rayn Jewelry is the best investment I’ve ever made. After operating for just over 1 year, e‑commerce has expanded to in‑store, domestic has turned international, 2D design turned 3D, and dreams turned into reality.

Rayn Jewelry is now almost entirely automatically‑operated, requiring only voluntary efforts from myself — I couldn’t be more grateful for this type of freedom and lifestyle.

PS, someone small once told me that an online brand cannot become a serious career. If you ever hear similar negative criticism from anyone; abandon them, start beautifully creating and make quadruple their income doing it.

From family and friends, I’ve had nothing but tremendous support and positive reinforcement. Grateful is an understatement. I have to thank my mom for introducing me to the digital world of SEO, web and graphic design. Her skills are unmatched.

Design Process

I begin designing each collection months before they launch. I’ve experimented with several programs on both tablet and desktop such as SketchUp, Tinkercad & ZBrush, all of which are fantastic.

Like any creator, I experience “writer’s block” when designing jewelry. I often turn to the natural world around me for inspiration. For instance, The Wave Collection is inspired by the ocean, featuring ring titles including words like tsunami, tide, and shore. The Tsunami Ring is shopable below.

After the design process, I outsource manufacturing of 500 to 5000 units of each piece. Most pieces are stored and shipped out of my manufacturer’s warehouse. Once I receive samples, I approve the design, and begin photographing for website and social media content.

Adobe Photoshop is my most valued asset. It has helped me transform iPhone photography taken on my kitchen table to high‑quality professional thumbnails. Whether photoshopped or not, the jewelry presents itself the same, however, professional and clean photography is the key to selling online. After all, the way a brand appears online can tell you a lot about the quality of what it sells, and about the person behind it. Reading “This is Marketing” by Seth Godin has helped me with brand identity and marketing.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” (Paul Rand)

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