Cookie Policy

Rayn Jewelry (, affiliated, and sister/parent companies) uses cookies. Our cookies allow the website to collect data and remember that you have visited our website, or social media pages. 

Rayn Jewelry primarily uses cookie settings to enhance customer experience by convenience. For instance, remembers currency and language preferences so that you, as the customer, are not required to confirm settings at each website visit. 

First-Party versus Third-Party Cookies 

Rayn Jewelry uses both first-party and third-party cookies on our website.

First-party cookies are cookies issued from the domain that are generally used to identify language, location and currency preferences or for basic site functionality.

Third-party cookies belong to and are managed by other parties, such as Rayn Jewelry business partners, service providers (delivery couriers), and social media platforms. 

For a full list of third-party cookies, or for more information, email