Jewelry Care

Get the Most out of Your Jewelry

To get the most out of your jewelry, follow the below guidelines for all jewelry metals and materials.

+ Remove all jewelry when washing hands, showering & swimming
+ Avoid spraying alcohol or oil-based products near your jewelry
+ Avoid exposing your jewelry to any liquids or wet materials 
+ Do not expose your jewelry to harsh heat for long periods of time as this may cause colours to fade 
+ To clean your jewelry use a dry, soft cloth

Jewelry materials in our shop that will not tarnish when exposed to liquids include: 925 Sterling Silver & Stainless Steel. After multiple years of wear, these materials may start to lose shine. 

Jewelry materials in our shop that will tarnish when exposed to liquids include: Brass, Copper, Alloy (Zinc Alloy), & Acrylic. 

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